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Bringing Tresco To Life.

Tresco Sunset through mist. 60x60cms oil on canvas

I gave a talk and demonstration based on my love for Tresco some time ago to the Budleigh Salterton Art Group.

It was painted using three cool Primary colours.

Alizarin Crimson, Lemon Yellow and Ultramarine Blue.

I then showed the audience how to mix them to create the secondary colours then the subsequent tertiary colours.

The talk and demo was centred around Meditation and Memory of an island experience...A Tresco sunset through the mist..I didn't refer to the original charcoal sketch during the demo...I simply invoked my memory... describing what I was sensing with my inner eye..the sights, sounds and scents...which left their indelible mark.. and painted from the inner rhythm this evoked!

The importance, for me of harmonizing.. in painting and in life.. both hemispheres of the brain.. by alternating hands during the demo and talking about the difference in feel..between the logical, exclusive left brain and the intuitive, inclusive right brain, invoking both in the creative search for the essence of the scene.

The talk varied far and wide from the stunning nature of the Abbey Gardens..its abundant flora and its geology and history...emphasizing the importance of communication through art since the earliest of times.....and its importance for Society...

Myy audience were both empathic and appreciative

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