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 Commissioned Art
Mother & Child

Oil On Linen 48x24ins

Supper Emmaus
The Sea Of Love
Pedn Vounder

Over the years, Alasdair's has sold countless commissioned artworks. They are Alasdair's most popular form of purchased art simply because the painting is tailored to a memory, view, or person that you treasure. We have found over the years that commisioned artwork is popular as wedding gifts and milestone anniversaries. Above are just a few of the bespoke paintings Alasdair has created for his patrons over the years.


If you wish to make an enquiry, please feel free to contact Alasdair via: 



If you are contacting me within the UK, then please call: 07975633911

If you are contacting me outside of the UK, then please call: +447975633911

Alternatively you can contact me via the private message tab on my social media platforms:

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