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Ever Shining 1

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Solstice Fire

Oil on canvas


ver Shining 2

"All life is ever shining with the joy of ever divining with whom we have the joy to share on this fine new day we are indivisible whether near or not quite visible and from this place life ever it doth flow unforgettable are we all held in joy eternally indivisible in thy sight in this being we do move inspired ever by thy knowing what a joy in this owning where all angels sing and with one accord we share your presence there ever exalted in thy eyes ever shining endlessly reflecting thy eternal light within ah the joys of sensing this oneness which we share through thy tender love eternal we shine so bright as with the stars above we do radiate thy light set in thy fair firmament glistering through spiral arms brightening those who yet doth sleep as they await an angel touch to waken and aspire to be revealed at last to wonder and set amongst the stars to shine endlessly reflecting thy light within for life is ever blessing the ineffableness of thee..".Au For life is ever blessing those with the soul to sense..with the heart to feel..and inner eye to see...How glad are we in the knowing..Oh shining one...Grace and Gratitude, Alasdair

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