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Our Wonderfully Enfolding World

Rushy Porth, Isle Of Tresco, Oil On Canvas 30x60cms.

Our Wonderfully Enfolding World

"Such stillness on this exquisite morn

as love and light reveal reborn a world

of wonder filled with grace for us to live

and joyfully embrace as art and nature we

lovingly lace with caring actions that all may

sense a satisfaction in their daily lives as

dutiful stewards we gratefully describe the

beauty which ever resides within the heart

and soul and for which we have come to

let unfold so born are we for this

nurturing role and the perennial

truths which from there unfold

in sublime fashion leading

us on to greater passions

through celebrating our

wonderfully enfolding


Grace and gratitude



"In life, art and nature continually feed and nourish us, through these roots; we receive the necessary inspirations and reassurance, which we find lacking, in an increasingly arid western society.

Through nature, we find our roots, connecting us to our inner creative child, from this; we discover the illimitable expansiveness of the cosmos itself. The importance of creative play, in a natural setting, for children and adults alike, enables each to interact, in an atmosphere of mutual joy.

Through learning new skills together; painting, making objects and music, telling stories, having fun, we develop an awareness of ourselves, each other and for our environment. This plays a crucial role in keeping the creative spark fanned within us.

In bringing out latent talents, we stretch each other, creating the dynamics for a more beautiful world. With close observation of our natural habitat, we see the infinite diversity of structure, which underlies everything; this connects us to our own internal rhythms, cultivating our sense of naturalness and wonder, for the abundance, within everything.

Art should mirror these resonances, to reveal life's extraordinary variety, through colour and light, in a subtle manner, which touches for all, the essential oneness of life; this is the healing essence, of art, through nature. Art has the capacity to reveal universal truths, which awaken the individual to curiosity and helps them find a clearer picture of life.

As individuals awaken to the truths within themselves, it enables them to connect to their essential role in life. Educationalists and politicians want to manage society, yet they fail to understand our fundamental needs, which are creative self worth, through real work. Neither point is being really addressed.

As we use our brains and muscles less, as computers and robots marginalize us, we feel neither needed nor wanted, with no jobs, or hopes for the future. This leads to torpor in the individual, with the malaise transmitted, from adult to child. Seeing life has little meaning, with no respect from society, drives us to the fringes, isolated and alienated.

We need, to learn from indigenous cultures. In aboriginal society, which preceded western cave man art, by at least ten thousand years, they took only that which was needed, in order to sustain life. They were sustained by elaborate rituals and myths, Working within, the cycles of nature, as well rounded, individuals, they were capable of telling stories, making music, and creating images in a unique, interaction with life and the cosmos, truly, a high culture.

The development, of the unique creative individualism, of our children should be axiomatic to our educational system. For once a child is nurtured, to develop their intuitive/creative faculties, they have a centeredness, a true sense of self esteem and worth, allied to a wholesome self discipline, they open their minds to innocence and the beginnings of an intelligence, unhindered by social patterning and conditioning comes forth.

They create a capacity, through the artistic mind, for designing, building, repairing, growing, healing, awareness, developing a growing expansiveness with which to roam freely and without prejudice; these life enhancing skills are needed more than ever."Au



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