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A Better World For You and Me 2

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

St Ives, A Tranquil Day

Oil On Linen


A Better World For You And Me 2

"Oneness is our natural grace where all is seen as fair of face no judgement lies within our breast and succour moves with our behest no tides can turn our loving ways as we absorb all light this joyous day and with a shining visionary sway expand our harmonious oneness ways with an infinite sense of feeling blessed we place our trust enduring best to grow a love so vibrant fine within our hearts instilled divine for me and you to feed our world enduring arts so creatively through our sundry parts as we help to free all tired hearts from fear's dark thrall that we with joy embrace again our life at one with all our souls refreshed to feel our strength so loved and nourished as truly blessed we come to know our highest best as love endures in sacred trust and issues forth through luminous bursts to touch all world's sublimely creating in this blessed way eternal moments divinely crafted for all to share as they lovingly see there's a better world for you and me.." Au

... Grace and Gratitude to each of you for creating with your gentle loving Oneness ways ....a more wonderful world...oh...yeah!!



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