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Art: A Universal Language

The Old Blockhouse Daffodils, Oil on Canvas 60x60cms. This painting will be on exhibition at Gallery Tresco from 24th August.

"Only the highest and purest light issuing forth from souls

so bright can truly bless for love’s delight the essence of

all beauty’s thrall with love’s capacity to recall with

sonorous heart the wonders we sublimely trace

through soul and mind and an infinite grace......."

If you like the beginning of this poem and would like to know its ending and can request to view them by messaging me for it:-)Au

Art: A Universal Language,

"Since I was a young child, the exploration of my universe, has been through mark making. Through the innocence of this process, I found a means of communication with others a point of contact. ..Plants, Animals, People, Birds , Insects.. The Cosmos itself.....began to be revealed, before my wide curious eyes. It opened my life, my heart, my mind, something...fundamental, was touched deep within me, each and every time. Always new..It was alchemy.... It was beautiful... I felt my spirit soar for I had found,..A Universal language.

For Man it has ever been thus; since earliest times, it has been one of our most basic modes of interaction. Art, draws on the essence of Nature, the Universe itself; connecting us to her rhythms and illimitable moods. When Ancient Man made marks on cave walls it was to reveal to their peers, the mysteries of also its practicalities; for the need for interdependence in their daily duties, if they were to survive....never mind thrive.

Today, there has never been a greater need for Art.. Art celebrates all of the senses; giving the body balance and harmony, the soul and mind, a sense of belonging. In the natural world, the function of each organism is to realise its fullest potentialities -- that is its fundamental ethos. We have a need, and duty, to create a Society in which, each one of us,has a chance to develop, their creative abilities to the fullest, in a caring, nurturing environment.

We need to redefine our vision of how we wish the world to be ...... The eternal moment is now...for our world is perishing through this very lack. Art works on the inner and the outer senses. Our children are the future! Unless they are nurtured and esteemed through the Arts,,the present behavioural poverty in our Society will continue to spiral down...!Au My thoughts owe much to many, they are not mine alone.

To those who have gone before, and lit the Way, I give my love and thanks. For we all are blessed, by their courage and example....... And now, quite simply, it is our turn, to pick up the torch and light the Way...... For those who have yet to come.

To each, I give thanks, for your courtesy and taking the time to read this..

Grace and Gratitude


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