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Awakening To The Promised Land 2

Agapanthus - Rushy Porth, Oil on Canvas 40x60cms This painting will be on exhibition at Gallery Tresco from 24th August.

Awakening To The Promised Land

“There is a place of fabled name which is for all an eternal

game to find this mythic place and live forever on a cloud

nine bliss we seek it here we seek it there ever blinded

by illusions glare until one day we stop to stare at that

which was forever there as a veil doth drop before our

eyes so captured by a vision fair of a celestially shining

city where the streets all emanate a discrete flare with

architecture in spiral rows such visions of divine proportion

fill our hearts with pure devotion as we walk with joyful

steps into our essence depth so guided by internal stars

we shine as one so evanescent flowing with our sacred

robes now showing golden tones with crimson slashes

all honoured badges for life’s crashes as sacred reflectors

of the divine we sublimely touch and then surrender all

our temporal bonds of pain for the heavens to render as

we regain our beings true and move with serene expression

over vibrant fields so afire with fabled colours of alchemical

sheen as angels play celestial lyres of exquisite tone with

reverent desire as we go serenely by babbling brooks

of pristine fluid eliciting a wish to taste our new life

nectar as we meld and move with a loving

groove ah such joy pervades this

ineffable scene as all life courses

on its seamless oneness stream..”

Grace and Gratitude


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