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Our Mettle Tested 2

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

The Harvesters


Oil On Canvas


Seas may rage as storms they blow helping

us in our need to know that whatever the weather

when we come together from a place of love and

peace we transcend these times with a grace

sublime which calms our stormy oceans

and carries us home to where we are

known and loved beyond devotion…Au

Our Mettle Tested Our mettle is ever forged on the crucible of life we are hammered and fashioned by a master hand through the intensity of the flames we are immolated and then phoenix like arise to renewal and fresh life its part of the divine story that we grow through rigorous test for we are ever pilgrims on our journey through this earthly plane all obstacles are opportunities to evolve our consciousness with friendship as our rock enduring all privation with thankfulness and prayer that thy truth ever marches on our mettle is ever tested on the anvil through the fire as we are divinely moulded thy sparks they ever fly to land as burning embers in the hearts of men ever they do smoulder until fanned into flame by the alchemy of angels through all the celestial planes guided by heavenly markers our mission doth unfold singing as we shine with angelic choir ever resonating within what a privilege to carry as to the lord we go such a glory in this journey as thy truth it marches on our mettle is ever shining from the glory of above when we kindle the divine fire when we come from everlasting love all life doth smile when we do beam and radiate eternal joy dancing to thy nature we rumba to thy reign revelling in this carnival from this sacred plane we all march as one with the saints for succour however can we fail as to thy celestial spheres we joyfully arise in the company of angels to the triumph of thy name thy truth ever marches on…Au

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